☀️ Hot Teacher Summer ☀️ Workshop

Back in November 2021 my bestie Jillian Fernandez and I started chatting about a week long resource creation bootcamp for teachers.  Fast forward a few months and we’re halfway through week 1 of our four week ☀️Hot Teacher Summer ☀️ workshopThe goal of this workshop is to provide teachers with templates, support and accountability to create resources for their classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Over the course of a few short days, Jillian and I have watched as teachers created, transformed templates, and supported each other along the way -- and this is only with the week 1 material released 🤯

To say we are blown away is an understatement.

Hot teacher Summer is a 4 week self-paced workshop designed for teachers to learn how to create digital resources for their classroom and TeachersPayTeachers store.  Through the use of templates and video tutorials, you’ll learn how to take a pre-formatted activity and turn it into your own – one that meets your exact needs!

Workshop material is dripped out week by week, so you aren’t overwhelmed by everything all at once.  This gives you time to play around, have fun, and create one-of-a-kind resources.

  • Week 1 is all about creating self-checking activities using templates for Google SheetsTM.  You’re provided with two different kinds of Digital Pick Board templates and two different kinds of Two Player Racing Games.  As bonus content for week 1, we’ve included an Escape Room template for you to create activities with, too!
  • Week 2 is all about listing those resources you’ve just created on Teachers Pay Teachers.  You’ll be provided with templates to help you create covers and previews for each of the types of activities you’ve made.  We’ll also give you helpful tips for SEO so those resources go cha-CHING!  As bonus content for this week, you’ll receive two more templates for Google Sheets to create even more resources!
  • Week 3 takes us back to the OG – PowerPoint.  We’ll be creating three different kinds of games that are 100% customizable and ensure total engagement in your classroom.  Don’t worry, there’s bonus content for this week, too, we just like to keep some things a secret!
  • Week 4 wraps up everything we’ve done for the past three weeks.  We’ll work maximizing profit and getting those resources seen using a variety of marketing tools.

Creating digital resources your students will love is a breeze using everything inside of the workshop.  No matter your content area, grade level or experience with creating resources, this workshop is everything you need – and more – to level up the resources you use in your classroom.  Come join Jillian and I for 4 weeks of fun, accountability and support this summer.  We have a seat saved just for you 💕 (👈🏼 you should click there to learn about HTS 2023). 

Have a question?  Send us an email!  Jillian [email protected] and I [email protected] are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the workshop and all that it entails! 

  • What programs or applications are used in this workshop?  Throughout the four weeks, we will use Google Sheets(TM), Microsoft PowerPoint and Canva (you do not need the pro version).  
  • Is this workshop only for math teachers? No!  This workshop is geared towards all subject areas and grade levels.  
  • What's included? A variety of templates to create activities for use with Google SheetsTM, templates to create activities for use with Microsoft PowerPoint, video tutorials to help you create, and fonts to help you customize your activities further.