Digital resources took my classroom by storm as I worked remotely for a year.  Not only did they take my classroom by storm, but they might have taken yours too!  As I created a variety of fun and engaging self-checking resources in Google Sheets, so many dear friend reached out asking for me to teach them how to create their own resources like myself!  Sheets Like a Boss is a one-stop, self-paced course where you will learn it all.  Starting with a blank spreadsheet, you'll be merging cells, writing formula's, and creating your very own custom resources tailored to meet the needs of you and your students in no time.

To be a fly on my wall when I was 100% remote and barely surviving -- you'd have laughed.  Looking back, I do giggle!  I was spending so much time creating old fashioned pixel art resources, the ones where you had a lot of squares all different colors that you hoped resembled some sort of an image.  Don't get me wrong, they were cool and fun, but there was only so much creativity I could gather, and there was only so much squinting my students could do to see the same image I was seeing.  There had to be a be a better way to catch my students attention, it was just a matter of what was that better way.  

And then along came Puzzle Pixel Art resources!!! -- the ones with a REAL image revealed at the very end!

We were no longer have class arguments about how terrible my pixel image was -- now it was a race to see what cool image was going to appear! 

Sheets Like a Boss was originally created so you could learn how to create your very own Puzzle Pixel Art activity -- in fact when I first launched in March of 2021, it was originally called "The Puzzle Pixel Art Course."  Within a few weeks of launching, the course was growing.  I was adding bonus content and sharing everything I could think of when it comes to customizing google sheets -- and before I knew it the course had more than tripled in size.  It was no longer focused on creating puzzle pixel art resources, but truly any resource that you could think of in Google Sheets(TM).  With a little bit of fairy dust, the Puzzle Pixel Art course became Sheets Like a Boss -- so you can become a BOSS at creating your very own resources, too.

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You'll be creating your first activity in no time once you sign yourself up!  Between the workbook to guide you along the way, video tutorials and empty templates, the possibilities of what you can create is endless.  New content is added regularly, making this course your ultimate guide to keep you to date with the latest trends and resources that students are thriving on. You will learn all of the skills necessary to create an endless number of self-checking and engaging resources for your classroom that you can sell on TpT, too.  Let's get started!

Included in the course:

⭐️ more than 20 video tutorials

⭐️ comprehensive workbook (printable)

⭐️ pre-made templates ready for you to code and customize

⭐️ BONUS CONTENT to help you customize resources 

⭐️ COMING SOON: Bonus content from collaborators on creating Escape Rooms, listing resources on TpT and getting started with Pinterest

⭐️ More than $300 worth of content

your self-paced, all access, forever growing course

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Are you ready to get started? 

Taking your resources to the next level doesn't mean spending hours crossing your fingers and hoping you're keying in the right string of formulas.  Let me help you create activities your students with love, thrive on, and allow you to take a deep breath.  This course will have you creating resources with minimal effort that your students will be obsessed with.  Let's start thinking outside of the box and creating incredible resource, together!

Are you in, or are you in?

Work smarter, not harder -- it's the mantra of all teachers everywhere.  Using digital resources in your classroom does just that!  Self-checking resources provided students with confidence, allows them to advocate for themselves, and it stops a student from completing an entire worksheet incorrectly thinking they've done it correctly.  Digital resources have amazing benefits inside of the classroom, and this course will provide you with everything you need to create anything you can think of for your students.  From simple worksheets to mystery images, multiplayer games and more -- what's stopping you?


  • Unlimited access to all material for a lifetime
  • Self-paced and ready for when you're ready to learn
  • Support -- you don't have to do this alone

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